Homeopathy in Paediatrics

Invited as a speaker on Homeopathy In Paediatrics by the PHA- Pune Homeopathy Academy on 22 August 2019 at the IMA Hall Pune. The session was an interaction with over 100 doctors from various parts of Maharashtra and clinical cases were presented .

Homeopathy in Skin Diseases

A CASE OF TUBEROUS URTICARIA A little boy aged 3 1/2 was brought by his parents. He was distressed with a problem of large urticarial patches, coming up almost every day, since 8 months, each morning. The rashes appear on his forehead first and then spread to various parts of his body. They are about … [Read more…]

Homeopathy in Neurological Problems

A Case Of Spinal Aspergillosis:https://hpathy.com/journal/homeopathy-4-everyone-December-2016/ A lady, 31 years old, married and mother of a two year old child, I’ll call her Priya, was referred to me for homoeopathic treatment by a neurosurgeon, on 25/8/2012. She had gone for an eye checkup and found that she had completely lost eyesight in her left eye. On … [Read more…]

Homeopathy for Animals

Case of a Labrador:   What to do with a dog ‘Joane’ that suddenly gets ill with a severe gastroenteritis, and who is not responding to conventional treatment by his vet? He is a 2 ½ years old black labador with a beautiful shiny black coat. He is losing weight and his heamoglobin has dropped … [Read more…]