Homeopathy in Skin Diseases

A CASE OF TUBEROUS URTICARIA A little boy aged 3 1/2 was brought by his parents. He was distressed with a problem of large urticarial patches, coming up almost every day, since 8 months, each morning. The rashes appear on his forehead first and then spread to various parts of his body. They are about … [Read more…]

Homeopathy in Neurological Problems

A Case Of Spinal Aspergillosis:https://hpathy.com/journal/homeopathy-4-everyone-December-2016/ A lady, 31 years old, married and mother of a two year old child, I’ll call her Priya, was referred to me for homoeopathic treatment by a neurosurgeon, on 25/8/2012. She had gone for an eye checkup and found that she had completely lost eyesight in her left eye. On … [Read more…]

Homeopathy for Animals

Case of a Labrador:   What to do with a dog ‘Joane’ that suddenly gets ill with a severe gastroenteritis, and who is not responding to conventional treatment by his vet? He is a 2 ½ years old black labador with a beautiful shiny black coat. He is losing weight and his heamoglobin has dropped … [Read more…]