Obesity And Homeopathy

Plan of the presentation

  1. The essence of Homoeopathy.
  2. Approach of Homoeopathy to obesity.
  3. Some useful indications and Homoeopathic drugs.
  4. Scope and benefits of Homoeopathy.
  5. Limitations.


  1. Homoeopathy is a highly ‘individualized’ form of medicine.
  2. It treats the ‘person’ and not just the disease.
  3. Homoeopathy deals with the physical, mental, and genetic predispositions of an individual.
  4. It therefore can cure the disease by helping the body to heal itself, therefore giving a long lasting effect.


  1. Homoeopathy is based upon the observation that the agent which bears a relation of ‘SIMILARITY’, with the disease in question, has the ability to cure it.
  2. Homeopathic remedies ‘cure what they can cause’. Hence the name ‘homoeos- meaning similar; and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering’ derived from the Greek language.


  1. In Homoeopathy, a detailed analysis of the person is made, to understand his ‘susceptibility’ & select the medicine.
  1. Mental characteristics- Like his/her behaviour, thought processes, fears, ambitions, mental blocks, strengths ,weaknesses etc. are studied in depth.

Physical characteristics like-

  1. Appetite, food cravings, aversion, thirst, bowel and bladder habits, sleep pattern, dreams and perspiration.
  2. Factors of aggravation and amelioration,like temperature, weather, time of the day etc. are all studied to form an anamnesis of the case.

The individuality thus understood, is matched with a drug having similar characteristics, which have been predetermined by administering it to several healthy persons, and recording the effects produced on them.


  1. Most of the time, no two individuals with the same disease would have the same medicine.
  2. Homoeopathic medicines are used in ultra small doses, so small that there is no known method in modern science to detect their presence, and have no toxic effects.


  1. They are produced by a special method called ‘potentisation’, whereby each new potency is given vibrational energy after diluting it in the ratio 1:100 of a neutral substance.
  2. Hence the name Arsenicum album or Lachesis prepared from snake poison, need not ring panic bells in anyone’s mind.


  1. It is a usual argument that there is NO trace of the original substance in the medicine. In fact the substance remains only in subtle energy form.
  2. Nevertheless they have proved to have extremely beneficial effects on every living thing in most of the diseases, known and unknown to mankind.


  1. Homoeopathic medicines act on every tissue and organ in the body. When used correctly, they cause NO side effects.
  2. But they must be used with utmost care, as their effects can last for months to years or even a lifetime, depending upon what potency is used.
  3. Hence the casual approach in using Homoeopathic medicines can be greatly harmful, in terms of new symptoms and health problems developing due to incorrect use of them.


  1. So in obesity, a drug which can cause excessive weight gain can cure obesity.

Weight loss and Homoeopathy

  1. The challenge of weight loss is first mental, then physical.
  1. The person has to sustain through a number of physical and emotional challenges, like controlling their cravings, and the urge to overeat, also to endure a specified pattern to exercise and lifestyle.

Homoeopathy can be of great use in this respect.

The Medicine chest

  1. BULIMIA NERVOSA—Kalium phosphoricum ,Graphites, Calcarea, and 235 more drugs.
  2. CONSTANT HUNGER- Iodum, Natrum, Lycopodium, Ferrum, Ammonium carb, etc.
  3. OBESITY FROM GRIEF- Ignatia, Natrum muriaticum, Sepia
  1. Specific cravings
  2. CRAVING FOR SWEETS– Lycopodium, Argentum Nitricum, Natrum phosphoricum.
  3. CRAVING FOR OILY FOOD, gravies— Natrum mur, Sulphur, Hepar sulph.
  4. CRAVING FOR DELICACIES—Ipecac, China, Tuberculinum
  2. Craves chocolate- Phosphorus, Natrum mur, etc.

Age related Obesity

Homoeopathy is useful in obesity in certain phases of life.

  1. Obesity in childhood– 18 drugs. Like Calcarea carb, Antim crud, Badiaga, Kalium bichromicum, etc.
  2. Obesity in adolescence, in old age- ammonium carb, baryta carb, aurum met.
  3. Obesity at the phase of menopause- Graph, Sep, Amm carb.
  4. Post partum- Kali carb, etc.

Fat Distribution

  1. Obese in the torso— Ammonium carbonicum, Ammonium Muriaticum, Antimonium crudum
  2. Obese in the lower body from hips downwards — Lycopodium, Natrum Muriaticum.
  3. A generalized form of obesity –Calcarea carbonicum, Baryta carbonicum, Graphites

Risks of wrong medication

  1. It is worth repeating that all these drugs do have effects upon other organs and metabolism.
  2. Eg. Phytolacca commercially available for weight loss has affinity for the breast tissue, and can cause adenomas if used emperically.
  3. Graphites acts upon the skin and endocrine glands, and can cause problems of hormone imbalance, or skin problems if used incorrectly.


  1. Homoeopathic drugs have their action upon every organ and system in the body. Hence we observe changes in the thought processes,  metabolic processes etc.
  2. It is therefore NOT advisable to use Homoeopathic drugs only for obesity in an otherwise healthy person.


  1. Homoeopathy alone cannot achieve weight loss without side effects.
  2. Nutritional obesity can be treated with homeopathy in conjunction with lifestyle changes, diet and exercise planning,
  3. Its special field of action being the mental, emotional aspects of nutritional obesity.
  4. While having significant bearing upon the metabolic rate.

In conclusion

  1. Homoeopathy is safe, if used carefully.
  2. Very easy and pleasant to administer.
  3. It has long lasting beneficial effects like improved mental and physical equilibrium.
  4. An improved power of resistance.
  5. Better emotional balance.
  6. In short all that is essential to lead a healthy fruitful life.