Suppression literally means- ‘to prevent from being seen or known.’

Anything that is seen and known presents itself to the senses for analysis and discrimination. This possibly makes it more vulnerable as if it had lost its defense to be protected from the external world; and therefore the tendency to suppress arises.

Suppression can happen in many forms.

An individual himself may suppress his cravings, desires, and aversions. He may suppress his emotions, needs and thoughts. This may be due to pressure from society or his fear of losing his ‘image’ (sycotic). This may arise from a conflict between what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ as he perceives it (sycotic). Or it maybe out of fear of the possible consequences. (psoric)

This maybe one of the most common and hidden mode of suppression of which the person himself may not be aware of.

Suppression may be forcefully applied by another factor. The dictators were great suppressors. They believed they could make people live the way they wanted, and went to any extent to achieve that. They tortured, threatened, killed. (syphilitic, sycotic) to reign and gain more power.

Orthodox thinking has lead to a lot of suppression on the family level.

We such examples in societies where women are not allowed to be seen in public. Women in turn may turn oppressive to other junior members in the family!

Parents too knowingly or unknowingly suppress their children in various ways, not realizing that their children are individuals in their own right.

Newton’s law states that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’.

So every suppression will have the equal and opposite repercussions elsewhere.

Whenever there is a lack of freedom to express the creative energy, there is the beginning of disease.

This does not mean that everyone should do as one pleases. All that is harmful to oneself and others is disease.

The need to treat with medicine arises when there is block in the flow of ‘creative’ energy.

Now considering the local symptoms like skin problems, or other one sided diseases, where a single symptom is considered as troublesome. (These may be wrongly perceived as one sided!!)

The local symptoms are but a manifestation of the inner general disease. The local affection continues to increase as the disease continues to develop inside.

But once suppressed by local means, the disease now must another way to expend its increasing energy, which it now does on the inner more vital organs.

This is accordance with the Law in Physics –‘Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can however be converted from one form to another,’!!

Homoeopathy is scientific.

Suppression on the physical level to a large extent has led to development of numerous illnesses, in the same patient or even in his subsequent generations.

Hence we see an alarming rise in schizophrenia, depression, mania, violence and suicidal disposition. Not only these but see the congenital problems in children; autism, Down’s syndrome, cancer, leukemia, heart problems…the list is endless. Where have these come from? Why do the gene mutations ever occur? The dangers of suppression are unimaginable.

In aphorism 203 of the 6th edition of Organon, Hahnemann says ‘this pernicious external mode of treatment, hitherto so universally practiced, has been the most prolific source of all the innumerable named or unnamed chronic maladies under which man groans; it is one of the most criminal procedures the medical world can be guilty of.’

This is an indication of the gravity of the disturbance that he so clearly perceived two centuries ago caused by suppression!

An yet suppression goes on and on in various ways.

A recent study recorded more than a million deaths each year due to suicide!

We read of people murdering others for minor issues, or just for the thrill of it.

The so-called ‘cold blooded murders are in the daily news. This is the full-blown syphilitic and sycotic miasm settled on the mind!

We hear of little babies being molested. Which is so shocking; but to a knowledgeable Homoeopath who understands the dangers of suppression this is no surprise. Considering the extent to which suppressions are rampant today!

Suppression is taught to doctors from professional chairs as being the only method of treating the local symptoms.

Doctors and patients are unreasonably gratified by the disappearance of the local symptoms. This is due to cosmetic ill effects that it causes. There can arise a lot of social discrimination due to local affections, and may cause a lot of anxiety and depression to the patient. But when the entire problem is hidden inside all is fine! But is it really?

Let us be fair and introspective. Can we as ‘Homoeopaths’ cause suppression?

We certainly can when we treat the case without understanding it well.

When we focus on a single symptom, and not understand the central disturbance. Then use as many remedies as possible to make it go. Then a new picture of symptoms comes up, and we try to find a new remedy or remedies, not realizing that it is a complex disease that we ourselves have created by giving too many doses of a medicine, or a wrong potency, and even polypharmacy.

In the process the disease goes deeper, the patient is actually worse, though the troublesome symptom is gone.

Then we are not being ‘Homoeopaths’ in the correct definition at all.

Are most of us always in a great hurry to prove that we are as quick and effective as any other ‘pathy’?

Homoeopathic medicines are really deep acting and can cause effects that can last for a lifetime. Do you remember Hering’s proving of Lachesis?

Are we ignoring the Homoeopathic principles? Are we ignoring Organon which tells us about what a vast world lays behind the mere mechanical ‘symptom matching’ practice?

In the process we may be missing out on a large potential of Homoeopathy.

A good knowledge of miasms helps us to track the present symptoms to their depth and extentand thus to understand the central disturbance better.

With correct Homoeopathic treatment, the susceptibility to the miasms reduces. The subsequent generations are greatly healthier in mind and body.

We can observe great changes in the mindset of patients and their children. They are more settled, more content, more positive, more energetic, more creative, and more tolerant. The state of ‘well being’.Healthier minds in healthier bodies.

Will this not reduce the crime rate significantly?

Will this not help mankind to progress positively?

Will this not make the earth a much better place to be in?

Good prescribing can change the lives of people!!

We need to be very careful, responsible and conscientious when practicing Homoeopathy. We can then surely offer the gifts of miracles that Homoeopathy has, to all living beings.