Homeopathy in Diseases of the Eye

Dt 28-3-07


Hello readers! Here is another gem from homeopathic healing.

A gentleman aged 51 years came with blurring of vision of the left eye, in spite of correction of refractory with spectacles. He had been to several ophthalmologists, and a number of tests had been carried out.

Namely, VDRL, Toxoplasmosis, HIV, Tuberculin test, and orbital sonography. All except the sonography yielded nothing.

Orbital sonography showed post inflammatory chorio-retinal thickening with floating bands in the posterior vitreous chamber.

One ophthalmologist advised him to have an orbital angiography, another advised him to try steroid injections. No one could be sure of why he had the problem, and whether it would go for good or not.

His wife wanted him to take homeopathy. He was reluctant, even defiant; but his wife was sure. She said, “Don’t risk your eyes with invasive methods. Homeopathy can surely help you, never harm. And at worse if it fails, I can take are of a blind husband for life!”

Cheers! To the followers of Homeopathy!

So there he was in my clinic, a short thin man with spectacles, a pointed chin curly hair, and a strikingly ‘wild’ looking face. (This strikes some miasmatic bells in mind!).

He showed me his reports and was very anxious about his eyes and the treatment suggested.

He had been a sickly child. Always ill with whatever disease was going around. (Psora, Tub). He had diphtheria when he was 5 years old, and had been quite ill then. His family doctor warned of dangerous consequences if he became violent or mentally upset. So he had his way in everything since then.

His wife described him as an impulsive, whimsical person. He always fell into trouble with someone or another. Yelling, shouting and fighting his way on useless matters. He was like a difficult child! I once saw him overtake a truck on his bike, dangerously, just to bad mouth the driver.

He analyzed and theorized, until one’s hair would split! He had a lecture to give on everything under the sun, including the sun. It was as if he wanted to prove that he was a genius to the sheer exasperation of listeners. His brothers were very sure he was mad, and all he needed was a psychiatrist!

Once he understood that I would listen to all that he had to say, he felt comfortable nay, elated! He spoke to me like a teenager, laughing and jesting and cracking silly jokes!

But this was one aspect which was another pole to his quarrelsome nature.

He quickly shifted from one to another.


The main point that struck me was his ‘wild face’ and wild talk, and his peculiar physiognomy. It was a ‘delayed milestone’ for me.

Kent lists Calcarea phos in ‘wildness’ amongst other drugs.

Sulphur definitely came very close, being the great ragged philosopher.

But he spoke more than he could analyze or think. He wanted to sound learned, but lack the capacity to really analyze in detail like Sulphur.

Tuberculinum was another drug close on heel considering his susceptibility in childhood to all illnesses, his appearance, and attitude. But at the present state he was not in the pathogenesis of, or the ‘uncompensated’ state of Tuberculinum. In short he did not ‘need’ Tuberculinum as the pathology did not match now.


The miasm was psora and tubercular, and the jigsaw puzzle fitted most closely into Calcarea Phos.

So Calcarea Phos 1CM one single dose was given on 8th November 2004.

He came 15 days later, looking calmer, more ‘tame’.

“I can now see clearly with both my eyes, even in dim light” he said. And worth mentioning here is that he didn’t split my hair with his incessant talk!

Placebo was given for a fortnight.

Orbital sonography was repeated as promised 1 month later. The report was:

Significant improvement in chorio-retinal swelling, with regression of floating bands seen in posterior vitreous chamber.


In this case we have considered the evolution of the pathology from his childhood, as early as he can remember, or we can gather, and have formed a timeline to understand his present state in order to prescribe as accurately as possible.


Cheers to Homoeopathy the absolutely amazing healing art!