Homeopathy for Animals

Case of a Labrador:


What to do with a dog ‘Joane’ that suddenly gets ill with a severe gastroenteritis, and who is not responding to conventional treatment by his vet? He is a 2 ½ years old black labador with a beautiful shiny black coat.

He is losing weight and his heamoglobin has dropped to 8.7gm/dl.

He throws up anything that he takes orally and passes black offensive stools. Well, Mrs Mary, the lady who is his owner couldn’t tell me how exactly the stool smells,(as we meticulous Homoeopaths want to know !!) for she was crying uncontrollably.

Joane baby is like her child. She feeds him home made food, chicken soup, bhakri, eggs, tomatoes, and cucumber.(this lucky dog always has his day!)

So why this has happened is a mystery. He is well cared for and actually very pampered.

So I started probing with my Homoeopathic ‘scanner’ .How were things before he fell ill? Had something new taken place?

Mary revealed that she had recently brought in another pup, so that Joane wouldn’t be lonely. He was so cute that everyone was crazy after it, with handy cams, and toys, cuddling and pampering him.

How did Joane take this? He hated it, and flung the pup away with his nose when it came by to sniff him. Joane was really upset, and would go away and lie in a corner; that is when he took ill.

The pathology was acute, and almost critical. The vet has admitted him in hospital, and was trying everything possible to save him. But nothing was working. His condition was getting worse by the hour. Mary decided to try Homoeopathy. Offensiveness, blackness, and sadness were striking and so was his failing health.

The remedy given was Kali phos 200X, 2 tablets as a single dose. The potency was chosen because the cause was obviously the sadness, and dejection. It could have been Ignatia, or even Pulsailla. But black offensive stools were much like Kali phos.  I also gave him Ferrum phos 6X , about 10 tablets dissolved in 200 ml of water, 2 teaspoonfuls every ½ hour to relieve his acute gastroenteritis more quickly.

What do you expect? He did not have a single vomiting and loose motion after that. Four days on he was taking normal food, and started to gain weight, and his Hb was improving.

He loves the Homoeopathic pills and has torn a new sofa where one pill had got stuck!




Chained and abandoned by his owners on a dark rainy night , Leo, a white Labrador of about 4 years of age was found by an NGO. He was injured on the ankles, probably from being chained, and hungry for over four days. Not just that, but he was struggling with fighting off the territorial strays. What a terrible nightmare it must’ve been for poor Leo. Thanks to this family who adopted him, gave him a home, and showered their love on him. His health was not picking up though. He was severely anaemic, and had early signs of liver and renal dysfunction. He kept getting ill with recurrent fevers, and allopathic medicines did him no good. He got vomiting, and depressed liver function from them.

Leo was very anxious, and terrified at the slightest sound, he wouldn’t let his family leave him alone. He was especially attached to the daughter of the family, and refused to eat when she was away. His condition was piteous, and the only hope they saw was Homeopathy.

When they called for an appointment , I told them, they should leave him home, as other patients would be disturbed by the presence of a dog. But they had to bring him along as he began to vomit, and wail inconsolably as they were leaving.

As they entered my cabin, Leo, a lovely white Labrador with beautiful sentimental black eyes, came under my table, and put his head on my feet. That was one of the most touching moments in my memory as a doctor. He lay there still, till I got all his history. He preferred to walk in and out of the cabin from time to time to make sure he was not confined . Other patients, and especially the naughty little children sat in the waiting room in a state of fright and surprise, watching the new patient, the huge gentle Leo pacing around quietly.

I gave him Ignatia 1m, followed by Aconite 200, 10 pills of 30 size to be taken 4 hourly for a few days, then once a day. I supplemented this with biochemic medicines Ferrum phos, 6x, Calcarea phos 6x, and Kali phos 6x, to recuperate faster. Leo responded beautifully. This panic attacks were gone. I then continued with the biochemic medicines for a month more. His Haemoglobin improved, and so did his resistance. He is now free of recurrent illness. Thanks to Homeopathy, it heals the agony of many a soul.

Broken Spine-

Many stray dogs suffer spinal injuries due to the menacing traffic. I treated a few such cases with Homeopathy medicines Arnica, Hypericum and Symphytum with amazing results. Except when there was multiorgan damage, the dogs recovered very well from the paralysis.