Homeopathy in Psychiatric cases and Psychological problems



In the light of the 20th century life such situations can be tackled by studying various aspects such as: moral beliefs and spiritual values, emotional factors and psychological backgrounds, relationships, physiological stage of life, diet, etc.


This is about a very overwhelming case of a girl who is brought up in a well to do family, and has not been used to hearing a ‘no’ for anything. She is like a wild horse, without a control. Mania implies- a disordered state of mind, with extreme excitement and wild behaviour.

Her visibly distressed mother came to me on 22-6-07.

For the past 2 ½ years her daughter, Ananya (name changed to protect privacy) who is presently 12 years old, is behaving badly.

(I usually ask for the patient’s photograph if they do not come personally). The girl’s photograph was striking. She had piercing, mad looking light brown eyes. Straight brown silky hair and wheatish complexion, thin lips and a mysterious smile. She looked thin and pale.

(The miasm seems to be Psoric,tubercular)

Her mother described her as –

“She has bouts of very violent behavior. She is always on the edge. Any small reason is enough to set off her anger. She throws things at people, especially at me. Beats, bites, and locks me up. Then calls her father, who has to answer her even if he is in a business meeting, or abroad, and says things like, ‘see your wife is ill treating me”.(Anger, violence; deceitful). (Tubercular, Sycotic, Syphillitic)

“She has an elder sister, of whom she is very jealous. She hates her, and cannot tolerate having to adjust to her at all. If she finds her clothes or books mixed up with hers, she actually flings them out of the window. She screams, gnashes her teeth; almost as if a spirit has overcome her. It has become very difficult for us to bear with her. We are in constant fear that she may do serious harm.” Said her mother.

(Tubercular, sycotic miasms can put the person in a crazy violent mental frame. Sycotic will threaten, tell lies, and syphilitic, mainly does harm).

They have consulted a number of psychiatrists, and counselors with no relief. Now Ananya refuses to go to them or take any treatment. According to her, “they don’t understand a thing. It is mother and sister who are mad, and need treatment anyways”.  Homoeopathy is the last hope for them.

Her mother has a large bruise on her right arm, where Ananya had bit her the previous day. Ananya is worse, if an exam is coming up or an assignment needs to be done.

Her appetite is whimsical, like herself. She wants unusual things at odd times. Like she asked for a guava at 11 pm at night, and as her mother could not find a guava vendor at that hour, Ananya threw her rage at her, and bit her!(Tubercular, Sycotic, Syphillitic) She is quite creative, makes innovative articles, and watches television for hours.(Tubercular, psoric)

She hates to be told to do anything, and late at night realizes that homework has to be done. Then comes the anger wave.( Tubercular sycotic). In her diet, she has toast, butter, ½  to 1 chapati with mushrooms, or cheese, and pasta or noodles for dinner. She has no vegetables, milk, or fruits regularly. She takes a very long time to eat. This means that she is not really hungry, or interested in food.


“As a child she was very quite; never demanding, quite playful. So she was neglected”- her mother admits. Her elder sister was very demanding that time, and cranky, so she was always given more attention, and all her demands met. They lived in an orthodox joint family, so her mother could hardly have time for Ananya. She had been quite well till her 10th birthday. She has then started disobeying teachers. Complaints came in that she is inattentive in class, and back answers. Her marks started to fall, and her frustration and anger began to grow. Now she feels that no one cares for her, (forsaken) and her mother has been very unjust and partial towards her ( which is not really a delusion, as her mother admits the same) and led her to this misery. She must be punished. (Malicious)

She goes out of her way to attract others. This is her compensation for the feeling of neglect.Wants expensive gadgets and clothes, to attract friends to her. If she does not get what she wants there goes her temper. She likes to gossip– to prove how others are much worse than what people think- desire to show others in bad light, which in turn may enhance herself.(sycotic).


She has a strong sense of neglect since her early years of life, to which her reaction is feelings of anger, jealousy and malice.

Her compensatory reaction is her need to be appreciated, surrounded by admiring friends, and to feel important. Hatred, anger and jealousy are the polar reactions to her apparent docile nature in early childhood.

We also note that presently she is in her preteen age, in an unstable hormonal milieu. She is recklessly venting it out. As earlier noted, her family encourages free speech and behaviour, so she is used to being outspoken. This adds to her violent reactions.

We also note that very strikingly she has a deficient diet, so levels of haemoglobin , S. calcium, and Vitamins are most likely to be low.


Physiologically speaking, emotions are a pattern of behavioral responses resulting from specific patterns of nerve impulses in the brain, which arise from various external and internal stimuli.


Therefore a deficiency of all these factors in the body due to an improper dietary intake, or malabsoption has a significant bearing upon Ananya’s state.


Rubrics taken were:

[Kent ] [Mind]Violent,vehement

[Kent ] [Mind]Jealousy:

[Kent ] [Mind]Malicious:

[Kent ] [Mind]Mood:Changeable,variable,etc.:

[Kent ] [Mind]Forsaken feeling:

[Kent ] [Stomach]Desires:Cheese:



Totality Symp_Covrd

Stram   11                         5

Aur      10                         4

Lach     9                           5

Hyos    9                           4

Nux-v  8                           3

Puls      8                          3

Bell      7                           3


Pulsatilla is jealous, forsaken, attention seeking, and loves cheese, but is not as violent.

Belladonna definitely relates to her acute violent phase, but in Ananya, the violent phase is sustained and often repeated. It is not a delirium as Belladonna would have.

Nux is violent, jealous, and malicious, but not so forsaken. But it is strongly high strung, and impatient like Ananya. She could be Lachesis, as it is violent, malicious, and deceitful, very shrewd, and quite nasty. Though Aurum is second, I did not feel it relates to her much, as she is far from hardworking, and conscientious like Aurum would be. Stramonium seems to be very closely related.

Stramonium is characterized by violence and fear of it, from intense emotions going out of control. Sudden anger. They can be destructive with striking, biting, tearing, smashing, strangling. May even be inclined to commit murder.
The Stramonium pathology arises from an underlying emotional vulnerability. A fear of being injured, or being alone. Suppressed anger. This can be related to emotionally painful experiences in childhood, like abuse, or loss of parents, or unwanted children.
Many fears.
In the Stramonium mind, the fears are coupled with violent reactions.

There is ‘wild look’ in the eyes of Stramonium. Like Ananya has. When scolded, the pupils dilate! Mania -with a red face, dilated pupils, superhuman strength!
It is a remedy having a prominent action upon the brain and spinal cord.

Ananya did not have obvious fears according to her mother, and I felt that I could find them at a later stage when she would come herself for a consultation.

Stramonium IM one dose was given to her. 15 days later her mother reported that, ‘she has been better. She has not hit me at least. But she still goes out of control, cries, and throws her things’. A week later Ananya came to see me. This was remarkable, as she had refused to take any more treatment. She said, “Its only my anger that is a problem. These people keep talking too much. Why does she (mother) have to say the same thing again and again?”

She started trembling, her eyes going wide, and angry and tears rolling down her cheeks, and her fists clenching under the table. “She really irritates me. She needs medicine to shut up!” The situation was charged, it seemed like, she would catch hold of her mother if she uttered a word. The intense irritability from being spoken to, was striking, like Nux, but there were so many more things that also irritated her.

Stramonium 10 M, 1 dose. I month later, her mother said, ‘Better, but still loses control. Does not hit anyone, but shuts herself in her room for hours’.

The remedy seemed right, but was it not deep enough? I then gave her 1 dose of Tuberculinum 1M. This because, she was more Tubercular miasmatically at this point of time, than sycotic as she had been initially. A month later the progress was still at a standstill.  So I went for some investigations on the lines that we had anticipated before, as they could have most likely been the maintaining cause of her state, that were not letting the remedy to hold on.


Heamoglobin- 9 gm% (12- 15 gm %)

RBC’s –         3.60      (4- 5.4)

Mormhology- Hypochromic,macrocytic.

S. calcium- 8.80 mg % ( 8.8- 10.8 mg%)

S. Vitamin B12 level- 44.60 pg/ml ( 223- 1132 pg/ml)  **

S. Folic acid level 10.70 ng /ml ( 2.90- 18.70 ng/ml)


We note that she has gross B12 deficiency, and anaemia. This was her obstacle to recovery. It had not been detected before nor suspected. Multivitamins were supplemented, along with Ferrum met 3X, 1 tablet thrice a day for 2 weeks, to treat her anaemia. In a week, she started improving very rapidly. A month later, her mother reported, “Now she is a lot more patient, no violence. Gets upset but works things out on her own.She has developed a white vaginal discharge with intense itching”.

This was an ‘outlet’ as we call it, of the sycotic-syphilltic miasm. The mental disturbance having appeared on the physical level. This was a definite sign of the similimum having resumed its action. The discharge was left alone and subsided within a week.

I would like to state here, that the deficiencies are not the only cause to her state. Many people with Vit B 12 deficiency do not have these symptoms, and conversely many people like Ananya do not have Vit B 12 deficiency. But as it was markedly deficient in her case, its correction was necessary, and brought about a ‘milieu interior’ conducive to cure by the Homoeopathic remedy.

Ananya is a fine girl now; doing well in school and happy with herself. She is still jealous, and likes to be mean to her sister, but no malice, nor any violence. Her family feels that they have come out of a nightmare.

Homoeopathy works, and works brilliantly!!